E-CARDAN 26′ et 28′

Up to 80km of autonomy! *

This electric assistance bicycle without chain and without derailleur. with a clean design, is a simple and clean solution for your walks in the heart of the vineyards. finished the chain jumping and the pants full of grease.

Speed ​​and simplicity of speed: the change is made at a stop or pedaling, risk of derailment.

Height 45cm, aluminum luggage rack, resin mudguard, double stand supporting 80kg of load. Theft.

Range counter (up to 80km), speed, selected mode, automatic lighting of the lights.

Burgundy Bike, locations vélos electrique gevrey chambertin

E-STREET 27,5′

Equipped to swallow the kilometers!

This model is suitable for both cities and rough terrain.
With its ultra-responsive central engine and large 27.5 '' wheels, it will give you full satisfaction, remember that it is equipped with tire puncture. It is the perfect compromise between sport and comfort.

You will also find all the approval of a VTC with a luggage rack and a mudguard series.

It is offered with a battery whose autonomy allows more than 100 km. *

arcade estreet chez Burgundy Bike, locations vélos electrique gevrey chambertin


A bike close to your desires,

Simple, powerful and silent.

  • Stability: Low center of gravity thanks to the central engine.
  • Maneuverability: low rollover, lightened wheels.

Autonomy up to 100km *



Indispensable to transport children you have a surprising bike there

Its length requires a little adaptation time but we will especially appreciate the fact of being in permanent contact with the children who are in front of the driver (a man or a woman!)

Its weight limits a few are autonomy which remains from 60 to 80 km

Can't get them out when they tried

We can put children up to 30 kg, the 2-seat seat is adjustable in height for a better seat, the helmet is compulsory for children up to 12 years old


Unique experience with this bike whose front wheel is replaced by a disabled wheelchair

Restoring mobility to support a group in the vineyards

We provide the chair but if necessary, we can adapt the personal chair.

Burgundy Bike provides safety equipment for adults and children (helmets) when renting electric bikes, and also offers useful accessories for your journeys through the vineyards (bags, padlocks, phone holders, etc.).

Variable autonomy depending on weather conditions, cyclist profile and use.